rub me down at sunset

Sunset Rubdown (hee) is the break-off project of Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade. Although, once you hear them you won't need me to tell you this since his voice is so damned distinctive (and wonderful). Their new-ish album, Dragonslayer, is fantastic and engaging all the way through. Idiot Heart (below) is my favorite song so far. Listening to this song you feel like you just experienced a full relationship in 6 minutes. It flirts with you, it makes love to you, you fall for it, it pulls away, it comes back, it brings a girl into the mix, and then it tries to let you down slowly, but somehow you still are left wanting more.

And oh man, the bridge! "i hope that you die... in a decent pair of shoes." amazing.

Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart

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  1. this is a great review, ronny!
    and a good, good song!