banksy hearts anti-capitalist d.i.y.

(and i heart banksy.)

it occurred to me today that banksy is a real person with a real address and a real who-knows-what-else in the world just like every other person. so, after about 12 seconds of intense research i discovered that however elusive banksy may be, he's got a website. a real one. with pictures. on the internet. i scoffed as i began to click through the anti-conformist artist's webspace and found a section labled "shop" and prepared myself to realize banksy really is just like everyone else. and then, magically, instead of being confronted with a bright orange "your shopping cart is empty" button amid a a sea of pixelated merchandise, i discovered a sense of renewed faith. i feel relieved that someone out there actually stands for something and sticks to it. and i'm happy to report that i remain humbly impressed by the ghost himself:




This song by Friska Viljor makes me feel the opposite of this sign in the ladies room at my work.

zSHARE - 08 Early Morning.mp3