attention, earthlings...

there's a satellite burning its way through the stratosphere right this minute. that's cool, as long as it's not headed for anywhere/one/thing i like.

"Lazily falling from space, the 12,500-pound satellite UARS on Friday headed toward an early-morning reentry somewhere over North America, Africa, or, most likely, the open ocean." - Washington Post



tea spoon.
i resigned from my job today.

it was strange to finally release all that swelling pressure with a simple and forthright email. i worried i was being a coward by neglecting to do it in person. but then, i work remotely, so it makes sense that i'd resign remotely.

i suppose there were a number of things leading up to the decision, but ultimately, i need to be my best at school. i need to move on. and so i did, from a distance, with this sort of pounding in my head followed by an anti-climactic silence after hitting send.

now, my thoughts are of freedom. i'm not a risk-taker, and i have doubts, but i'm looking forward to doing what i love. i'm excited about putting all of my energy into the things that matter, and i'm onto something big and wonderful. i can feel it.