fortune cookie series.

some of my favorite stuff (oldies but goodies) from 2005. "wedding picture" (last) was a commission and one of the first pieces i sold.


piano wire.

wedding picture.



i read that thich nhat hanh says: "it's a mistake to say that the wind is blowing or the rain is falling. what is wind if it is not blowing? what is rain if it is not falling?" the falling is the rain, the blowing is the wind.

also, on a totally unrelated note, who the hell is the guy below? an author? a musician? your grandfather? such a familiar face, and none of us can seem to place it.


i was playing with a new style and found:

i love.


rub me down at sunset

Sunset Rubdown (hee) is the break-off project of Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade. Although, once you hear them you won't need me to tell you this since his voice is so damned distinctive (and wonderful). Their new-ish album, Dragonslayer, is fantastic and engaging all the way through. Idiot Heart (below) is my favorite song so far. Listening to this song you feel like you just experienced a full relationship in 6 minutes. It flirts with you, it makes love to you, you fall for it, it pulls away, it comes back, it brings a girl into the mix, and then it tries to let you down slowly, but somehow you still are left wanting more.

And oh man, the bridge! "i hope that you die... in a decent pair of shoes." amazing.

Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart


more china.

chalk and charcoal.


this was a series of horses i did during a two week long obsession with ming and han dynasty horse sculptures. i seriously sat in front of the television watching documentaries surrounded by library books on imperial art.

here i am, internet.

this is my blog. and although it's been a long time coming, i admit i haven't done anything so publicly self-indulgent since live journal (remember live journal?) and hope that this is a much more productive experience than that one. the idea is to keep myself motivated by posting my art and things as they happen, instead of creating things i'm proud of and promising to display them on a website later. i've set this up so that some of my friends can promote their work and ideas, as well.

fun? fun.